Blowups, product enlargements
Product enlargement are a very powerful visual communication.
You will find product enlargements almost everywhere; along motorways, at fairs and events, for a company, at gas stations, in city centers, cinemas, as roof advertising, ...
these blowups are a real eye-catcher and are an effective advertising object
Depending on the desired use and lifespan we guide you to the correct treatment of your letters, logo or blow up.
For one-time use, the polystyrene can remain untreated or only be treated with acrylic paint.
For long-term and / or outdoor use, we recommend a plastic coating (polyurea).
If desired, this can also be painted in the desired RAL colors and details By applying a coating, we make your logo, blowup, advertising object,.. strong, stubborn and weatherproof. Do you have an idea or are you looking for a specific shape, we can cut or sculpt it for you in styrofoam, and finish it as far as you want.
Expanded polystyrene (EPS), popularly called styrofoam or tempex, is a type of material with unprecedented possibilities and extremely light weight.

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