Welcome at Poly-creation
We bring all your ideas and concepts to life in styrofoam, EPS, Tempex, styropor ...
A new European name has been chosen for all these names: Airpop
Airpop / EPS has many unique features. Airpop consists of 98% air and only 2% solids
It is very light, shock-absorbent and insensitive to moisture.
It is also environmentally friendly, sustainable, hygienic, not harmful to health and 100% recyclable.
The flexible properties of Airpop guarantee total freedom of form and design.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products, and together with our customer we look for the right product application for his or her creation.
We are happy to help you with your project from A to Z.
From design, cutting, sculpting of polystyrene / EPS to coating and finishing in color, details and labeling ...
From making a prototype in polystyrene to a (large) production in fiberglass, ...
Everything is done entirely in our own setting in Ledegem.
In this way we guarantee the quality of our products and the smooth running of the entire production process Our clients are marketing agencies, production houses, props, artists, themed and family parks, stand builders, event agencies, carnival associations, private individuals, hobbyists, industry, and more.
Do you want more information, or do you have a project in mind, please contact us.
We are happy to help you with the realization of your product (s).
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